Room acoustics & isolation: Ruisseau Noir Studio

Audiovisual media 

Acústica Integral
has made the draft RUISSEAU NOIR STUDIOS in Paris, using the materials necessary for the sound insulation of the rooms. The insulation consists of floors, walls and ceilings made ??with our materials based on pre-designed systems for maximum acoustic performance. In accessing studies have provided high sound insulation doors RS10 of 54 dB and  RS3 of 51 dB. The acoustic viewers VR allow visual communication and maintain homogeneous insulation between rooms. As a result of the treatments carried out this important Parisian firm, offers modern studios with a high degree of isolation while an appropriate acoustic conditioning service offered.

Project: Recording Studio.
Sector: Audiovisual Media.
Supply of material:

  • Acustilástic-N for a AI-SL01 floating floor.
  • PKB-2, LA, and Acustifiber for AITD23 insulation cladding and AI-TC23 roofing insulation.
  • Acustideco absorbing coating on walls.
  • Access Doors RS10, RS3 of 54 and 51 dB respectively.
  • Acoustic viewers VR.