Room acoustics & isolation: Dolby premier studio



First Ward classified Dolby Premier of Spain, (sixth in the world), with a volume of 500 cubic meters and a projection screen of 25 square meters. We performed acoustic treatment facilities Belagua Headquarters (Madrid), in a total of 5 rooms. The enclosures for these services require a post demanding interior acoustics. Acústica Integral managed to get a perfect balance between the required maximum efficiency and harmony in design and functionality, being very clear its exquisite room solutions flagship of the company, first in Spain with DOLBY PREMIER rating.

Project: Living with DOLBY PREMIER specifications.
Sector: Audiovisual Media.

  • Acoustic project and previous isolation solutions.
  • AI-SL01 Floating floor.
  • AI-TD23 insulating cladding.
  • Ceiling insulation AI-TC23.
  • ACUSTIDECO absorbing coating on walls.
  • RS3 access doors and VR acoustic viewers.

Dolby Premier Studio Certification is a value of technical excellence at all levels of study. The control rules (visual and audio), in room acoustics, equipment selection, installation standards, merge synchronization precision, skill and experience are measured and evaluated as part of the certification process. The standard Premier Studio is based on research and experience of sound engineers around the world who have worked in film production and multichannel soundtracks. Becoming certified to meet the exact specifications is a high value of excellence, much appreciated by producers and directors in the industry.